Gaebler Youth Psychiatric Center - July 2006

In a 1945 Governor report, it was noted that the presence of three children aged 7, 9 and 10 were among the general population at Metropolitain State Hospital.
Demanding that children be removed from all state institutions and be placed in separate youth asylums, the construction of the Gaebler Children's Center began.
On October 8th, 1955 the 160 bed unit for psychotic children under sixteen years of age opened. Named after William C. Gaebler, the second Superintendent of Metropolitan State Hospital.
The Gaebler Children's Center closed January 31st 1992.
The fate of Gaebler was uncertain when the City of Waltham acquired the site in 2006.
I shot these few photos with a borrowed camera on the 98+ degree afternoon of July 4th 2006.
*UPDATE* Gaebler Psychiatric Center is now totally destroyed 55 years after opening thanks to the City of Waltham.
I drove up to the site on Trapelo Road and witnessed that the demolition is complete on December 30th 2010.


Gaebler 1

Gaebler 2

Gaebler 3

Gaebler 4

Gaebler 5

Gaebler 6